Management Software

Live Monitoring Platform

We provide an integrated video management platform for IP, AHD cameras and digital video recorders. It is suitable for managing and monitoring hundreds of cameras simultaneously in large-scale operations and multi-site management.

  • For live monitoring applications such as street surveillance, traffic monitoring & shopping mall security
  • Highly scalable design to cater for different applications needs
  • Simultaneous live monitoring of up to 64 videos
  • Video matrix displaying up to 400 cameras on video wall
  • Seamless compatibility with TeleEye analogue and HD products
  • Video analytic functions
  • Support ONVIF cameras

Event Driven Solution

Event Driven Solution is a key component of Video Management Centre Solution. It is a professional video alarm management solution for Remote Video Response Centre (RVRCs) or central monitoring stations and fully complies with BS8418 for remote monitoring of detector activated CCTV systems.

It also allows multiple operators to handle a large volume of video alarm events from up to 5000 sites in 24x7 operations. 

  • Designed for visual alarm verification applications
  • Swift and precise responses
  • Built-in redundancy and purposely designed for 24x7 operations
  • Excellent traceability in event and operational logs

Mobile Video Monitoring Software

For iOS and Android devices, our mobile app allows users to remotely monitor their sites and businesses from anywhere at any time with a high quality video streaming. The users can also control the PTZ cameras and receive alarm events remotely.

Analogue DVRs

Analogue Digital Video Recorders

A range of 6-, 12- & 16-channel ultra high resolution digital video recorders designed for professional video and event management applications are offered.

These incorporate the revolutionary design Multi-stream Video Coding Technology SMAC-M for video transmission. It delivers a truly "no compromise" approach on both video transmission & excellent recording performance. 

Ultra-high Resolution Mobile DVR

A professional mobile digital video recorder running on 3G and 4G mobile network, which is specifically designed for vehicle security and fleet management & incorporating proprietary SMAC-M compression technology is offered to achieve fast video transmission and greater recording performance up to 200 / 240 fps. It is ideal for any mobile or remote applications, where fixed network cannot be reached and able to withstand harsh conditions throughout the journeys such as temperature and power fluctuations.  

ASD Cameras


Different type of 700TVL dome cameras, 1/3" CCD, IP66 housing with OSD are offered:

  1. IR Fixed Dome
    • Super HAD II CCD
    • f = 3.6mm fixed lens
    • Day/Night 0.0 Lux
    • 6 IR LED or 24 IR LED
  2. Vari-focal Dome
    • Super HAD II CCD
    • f = 2.8~12mm
    • Auto-Iris


Different 700TVL bullet cameras, 1/3" CCD, IP66 housing with OSD:

  1. IR Fixed Bullet
    • Super HAD II CCD
    • f=3.6mm
    • 24 IR LEDs
  2. IR Vari-focal Bullet
    • Super HAD II CCD
    • f=2.8~12mm
    • Auto-Iris


An infrared speed dome with an effective IR range reaching up to 100m, to enable users seeing up to a further distance and monitor in dark environments or during night times, providing clear and detailed video clarity for round-the-clock surveillance.

Outdoor Wall Mount, Day/Night, 550/680 TVL, 0.0 Lux, 100m IR Distance, Zoom: Optical 33x, Digital: 12x, 255 presets, OSD, IP66, 24V AC.