BMS BACnet Software

We offer from KMC Controls a powerful all-in-one operator BACnet software to program our controllers, integrate third party controllers and provide an easy to use graphical interface, in addition to other helpful users' tools.


Total Control

TotalControl Building Services collect, store, and route data between building automation network and an operator interface or workstation. Built on XML and the Microsoft® .NET Framework, these programs are one part of a powerful suite of software tools from KMC Controls. TotalControl Building Services includes the following components.

  • Alarm management service
  • Trend logging service
  • Internet browser accessibility modules
  • Transfer values between controllers on dissimilar protocols with Protocol Gateway
  • An SQL database for centralized data storage
  • A Protocol Driver Service (PDS) links TotalControl Building Services to a building automation protocol

KMC Connect

KMC Connect™ Operator Workstation is a configuration software to configure KMC BACnet controllers for a building automation system, an offer the following key time-saving features:

  • Build jobs offline and then deploy them on-site with a single click.
  • Quickly and easily configure alarms, schedules, and trends on native BACnet devices.
  • Choose from a library of hundreds of HVAC applications, with preconfigured set-ups for KMC controllers.
  • Set up continuous commissioning with the Audit application. 
  • Quickly balance VAV units with the VAV balancing application tool.

KMC Connect supports the following BACnet internetwork connection methods:

  • Ethernet 8802-3
  • Ethernet IP
  • BACnet broadcast management device with network and port address translation
  • Foreign device registration with BACnet broadcast management devices (BBMD)

KMC Connect Lite

KMC Connect Lite provides fast in office or in field configuration of unopened and unpowered KMC Conquest controllers using NFC technology, with which you can:

  • Read, modify, and write data directly from and to an unpowered KMC Conquest controller, whether in the box or not. 
  • View previously read device information/history.
  • Email the read/write history stored on the mobile device/ computer.
  • Store critical application data on a mobile device for offline retrieval at a project site.
  • Create templates for specific application deployment.