Access Control BACnet Peripherals

In order to offer a complete access control & security system, astec proposes the below listed locks, contacts, switches, accessories and detectors.

Door Locks

Electromagnetic Locks

Door locking devices energized by electrical power to hold with magnetic power the controlled doors. May be used for single door, double door or gate door with or without door status indication LEDs.

Electric Strikes

Door locking electric strikes for use with metal or wooden doors, field programmable for fail-safe or fail secure operation.


Push to Exit Buttons

Used to unlock controlled doors, push to exit buttons come with a variety of shape and models with illuminated or mushroom shaped / stainless steel momentary buttons.

Push to Exit Bar

Rugged, heavy-duty bush to exit bar, to open a locked door using hand push from the inside, may include 2 built-in dual-contact switches.

Contacts & Switches

Press-fit magnetic contacts

Used to detect the opening of doors or windows, press-fit mount magnetic contacts come in a variety of shapes and sizes to appropriately fit inside the required door or window for monitoring purposes

Surface-mount magnetic contacts

Other devices to detect the opening of doors are the surface mount magnetic contacts that can be mounted in a visible manner and may be selected according to different sizes and colors.

Switches & Detectors

While tamper switches alert of any breach of secured cabinets, drawers or enclosures, the seismic detector will alarm of any vibration of secured walls or safes.


Motion Detectors

Wall mount motion detectors as well as ceiling mount motion detectors are provided with Infra-Red technology or dual technology to ensure maximum security suited for any kind of application.

Photo-Beam Detectors

For Indoor or outdoor use, single and twin photo-beam detectors along with curtain sensors are used to protect doorways, windows and skylight against intruders.

Sirens & Buzzers

Sirens & Buzzers

Sirens with or without alarming sound and buzzers are used to alert in a silent or loud mode the detection of any intruder in secured areas.