Our Projects HOSN 440 Tower (2009-2011)

Supervising Consultant: Khatib & Alami

Main Contractor: ACC

System: BMS BACnet System & Maintenance

Description: Complete supply & installation of the Building Management System using KMC Controls BACnet technologies

Project is a 27 stories high rise luxurious residential building, with single apartments, single flats, duplex and triplex residences. The building has three basements, and two technical floors while the control room which host the BMS operator workstation resides in the ground floor to monitor & control more than 570 points electro-mechanical equipment including:

  • Boilers and circulating pumps
  • Water & sewage systems
  • Water Treatment & filters systems
  • Fans & Lifts
  • Electrical system generator & Distribution Panel
  • Energy & Water consumption monitoring.