Our Projects DAHER VILLA (2007-2010)

Task: Complete design, supply & installation for the Building Management System (BMS), Intrusion Detections System (IDS), CCTV surveillance.

Details: Project is a four floor luxurious villa with a built up area of 2,050m2 and landscape are of 1,800m2.

  • The BMS is installed to manage the electro-mechanical system while using the solar energy and thus saving energy consumption on the client and reducing CO2 emissions. The BMS control & monitors more than 350 points using a graphical interactive display from either the OWS and/or from the hand held LCD touch screen unit for the following systems:
    • Boilers plus primary and secondary circulating pumps
    • Pumps & Water Treatment System
    • Solar System
    • Distribution Boards and UPS
    • Fans
    • Lighting Control from the OWS and/or from the LCD touch screen handheld
  • Home intrusion based on intelligent bus system with PIR, glass break detector, LCD keypad and  wireless remote control to arm/disarm the system
  • Conventional Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) to monitor all villa’s perimeter while detecting any motion and/or anomalies in the streamed video, will record up to 30 days and viewed from any TV according to the client selection.