the general public solution union

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the general public solution union

Simple savings, sensible loans

Our There for your needs credit union service provides UNISON users use of low-interest loans and a variety of cost cost savings items through our network that is UK of credit unions. Whether you’re dissatisfied with present banking plans, are suffering excessive interest levels charged by payday as well as other loan providers or simply just trying to find an alternative that is ethical credit unions may possibly provide simply the answer.

UNISON has built a community of credit unions since the UK where people and their own families can both save your self and sign up for low-interest loans – in many instances, through payroll deductions.

We already fully know just exactly how many users are employing payday advances as well as other loan that is high-interest – frequently getting caught in a trap of spiralling debt. UNISON is marketing credit unions as economic and ethical co-operatives that will aid people in a secure and responsible method and market wellbeing that is financial.

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