ASTEC was born in 2005 with multiple years of experience and engineering practices in building automation systems, door access & security, fire alarm detection and camera surveillance, backed up with mechanical and electrical engineering skills. Our in-house expertise accounts to 20 years of proficiency in different sectors of low current and life safety system.


ASTEC is currently providing advanced solutions using the latest technologies for Facility Management, Engineers, Security Personnel and end users.

ASTEC operates out of Lebanon for the Middle East and Africa through selected partners that share with us the same philosophy and standards. This is made possible by providing the newest technologies suitable to empower our clients over their facilities, followed with astec’s prompt technical support.


Our goal is to offer state of the art tailor made solutions using modern technologies and newest systems available.

Our philosophy is to assist our client to better understand their central problems, with our in-house engineering skills, thereafter delivering the right solution and solve their problems.

Our objective is to help our clients to better comprehend their needs by educating them about different systems and inform them about the available tools, thus offering the most adequate system for their facilities.

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